The perfect blend of heart and science.

OrgFlavors is the newest name in taste, backed by more than a century of experience.

In the past, you counted on us as your source of healthy, delicious, and nutritious Flavors. Today, we’re bigger, rely on science and technology, fueled by passion, and enhanced by experience and insights of our highly qualified team.

We’re better because we’re small enough to care and big enough to make it happen.

Our purpose is to be the spark that advances our customers. We’re an agile, energetic partner with a fresh perspective. Together, we’ll create a fresh take on taste. Uniting skill and soul. Chemistry and creativity. Freshness and familiarity.

We solve customer challenges and craft consumer delight.

We’re always ready to meet you at the table.

How does your imagination taste? Let’s find out together.

World Wide Representative Offices
North America
Sam F. Fadul
Mobile: +1 703 822 4610
Office: +1 703 822 4588
Virginia, USA
South America
Juan Ortiz
Mobile: + 54 11 4 891 0671
Office: +1 703 822 4588
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Far East
Frank Fu
Mobile: + 86 139 500 80201
Office: +1 703 822 4588
Shenzhen, China
Ihor Melchenko
Mobile:+ 380 67 481 0401
Office: +1 703 822 4588
Odessa, Ukraine