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Taste Creations

With thousands of custom made flavors, from acerola to zucchini, OrgFlavors captures the essence of your ideas and the imagination of your consumers.

We’re the perfect blend of heart and science.
We’re a product development partner with a new point of view. Your zeal, our zest, together we’ll bring to life the tastes that are on the tip of your tongue.

Natural Colors

OrgFlavors uses nature’s rich organic colors.  They are striking, healthy, tasty and nutritious.

Colorful, Safe and Nutritious
We only use natural colors with our flavors. Our range of natural food colors, derived only from nature, offer a full spectrum of color shades to fit your application needs. Let us know your color target and we will be happy to develop a custom solution just for you.


They’re crisp and clean, juicy and green. OrgFlavors organic solutions bring out nature’s natural goodness.

Sweet Goods

Our sweet solutions make edibles like cakes and cereal, cookies and granola bars taste even more satisfying. Together we’ll delight palates with a sprinkle of sugar, smidgen of maple or speck of dark chocolate.

Sweet Goods

Our Sweet Goods team isn’t afraid to take on taste, no matter the challenge. Through targeted innovation, vigilant flavor screening and application-specific testing, crafting customized solutions is what we do best. Whether you’re looking to reduce sugar or salt, mask vitamin bitterness in gummies, or cost-effectively reduce your use of cocoa powder, we’ll help you hit your sweet spot.
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